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University of Reading Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE) Scholarships 2019/2020

Are you considering doing your masters?

The Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE) has a diverse range of scholarships available, both those offered by the School; by the University; and by organizations outside of the University. These are offered to enable students to pursue their studies here at Reading.

Application Deadline: 7th May 2019

To be taken at (country): UK

About the Award: The Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics (GIIDAE) now has £260,000 worth of Scholarship funding available for 2019-20 academic year to students world-wide. Our GIIDAE scholarships offer funding to assist students in their studies as they pursue a variety of careers that encompass numerous global challenges such as: food production, security, and health; sustainability of agro-ecosystems; climate change, animal welfare and behavior; poverty alleviation; social development, international development; consumer behaviour and choice.

Hundreds of students are competing for a limited number of awards that are subject to availability. If the funding is all allocated before May 7th 2019, we will post a notice to this effect on our website and through our social media accounts.

Type: PhD


undergraduate scholarships in Algeria 2019-2020


  • International fee-paying offer holder on any of the GIIDAE degrees.
  • This scholarship is based on academic merit.
  • Applications for all of the GIIDAE Scholarships will be assessed upon receipt of the individual applications, with a turnaround of approximately three weeks.

Number of Awards: Limited

Value of Award: £3,000 scholarships to assist with tuition fees.

Duration of Programme: 1 year

How to Apply: 

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Programme Webpage see link below) before applying

Visit Programme Webpage for Details



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